Top Marketer Reveals His Simple 5 Point Prospecting Plan

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Top Marketer Reveals His
Simple 5 Point Prospecting Plan


Not gonna say WHO he is…

OR what company he’s with


Because people tend to get hung up on this
company or that company…

This one’s good and that one’s not

When the fact of the matter is…

Prospecting is prospecting!!

Doesn’t matter what your product, service or
pay plan is

Successful prospecting means CONNECTING with
another human being


So when a 7 figure earner shares his prospecting


Lose that voice in your head that’s telling you,
“Oh, he’s with XYZ…he can’t know what would work
with MY company” or

“EEIIW! He’s with XYZ. I don’t like them!”

Like I said, prospecting is prospecting.

And when a successful network marketer is revealing
what HE/SHE does…that, my friend, is GOLD

The Five Key Points

So just what is this 7 figure earner’s 5 point prospecting plan?

1) Don’t pitch, make friends. Approach people
with making a new friend in mind (you already know
how to do this). The most successful people have
the most friends, both in and out of their company.
Look around…you’ll see this is true.

2) Just be NORMAL. Be friendly and genuinely
interested in the other person. Do NOT hold onto
the “I gotta tell this person about my deal” agenda

3) Ask questions. This is part of being genuinely
interested, by the way. Let the conversation proceed
naturally. Remember, you’re looking to make a friend.

4) Don’t jump on them! Eventually, they will ask what
you do. Remain casual and friendly and whatever you do,
DON’T launch into your company jargon and start
“throwing up” on them!

5) Don’t be addicted to the outcome. At the end of the
day, keep in mind that not every conversation is going to
lead to a sign up…TODAY.

You’ll find, as this top marketer has, that as your circle
of influence expands, new team members will come on board
that actually WANT to work with you.

And isn’t THAT what we’re all looking for?

Do you have a prospecting tip that works especially well
for you? Leave a comment below and share it.

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